Oosteroever, sea, beach & dunes

The Versluys Groep started to build and develop Oosteroever, a new trendy city neighbourhood in Ostend’s historic port, in 2014. There is no other location on the seaside that offers the same unique assets as the Oosteroever site, which benefits from an exceptional maritime location on the sea, with its own beach, dunes and future marina.

Kursaal Oostende

Did you know that Marvin Gaye’s greatest hit ‘Sexual Healing’ was 100% made in Ostend? He wrote the song in his apartment in Ostend and recorded the video for his hit in the casino. He won a Grammy for his song in 1983.

Fort Napoleon

Did you know it took over 8.1 million bricks to build Fort Napoleon in 1814? Nowadays the fort, which is just a stone’s throw from the Ensor Tower, is a unique site, which is really worth visiting. The fort will, however, temporarily close its doors until October 2019 due to restoration work.

Fish market

Did you know that they are building a new fish market on Oosteroever and that a lot of traders are opening shops at the back of this market? These unique, artisan traders are capitalising on the increased demand for qualitative, tasty and fair local products.

Free ferry

Did you know that the free ferry, which departs near the North Sea Aquarium in Ostend, guarantees a seamless crossing to Oosteroever? Roger Raveel created the colourful design schemes for the ferries. He also chose the ferries’ names.

Ostend Sailing

Did you know that Oosteroever is the place to be for water sports fanatics, offering plenty of sailing, beach and water sport activities? Members of the Ostend Sailing Club can go catamaran sailing, surfing or beach sailing. And after all that exercise, you can recover from your efforts in the nice (beach) bar with the spacious sun terrace.


Did you know that the city is planning to build a new state-of-the-art marina in Vuurtorendok? The marina will only enhance the maritime character of the Oosteroever site, which is surrounded by water and nature, even more.

Coast tram

Did you know that Oosteroever has its own tram stop near the Duin & Zee open air centre? The coast tram stops in 68 locations between De Panne and Knokke-Heist. It is your best option for discovering 67 km of Belgian seaside. On summer days, a tram passes through every 10 minutes.

Trampoline park

Did you know that one of Belgium’s largest trampoline parks is situated on Oosteroever in Ostend? Discover Hangtime! 1,000 må_ of trampolines, a giant ball pit and a challenging play area for toddlers, with a fun coffee bar for their parents.

The dunes of Oosteroever

Did you know that a large section of Oosteroever consists of a unique, protected dune area? Soon another two hectares of dunes will be built next to the existing green area, which you will be able to access from a new walking trail.

James Ensor House

Did you know that Ostend is currently working on a brand-new James Ensor experience centre, in which the famous Ensor House will be incorporated? You should visit the master’s house at least once to understand his work.

Cc De Grote Post

Did you know that the De Grote Post culture centre used to be the regional head office of the Belgian Royal Mail? It was built between 1947 and 1953, after a design by the Ghent-based architect Gaston Eysselinck, who was inspired by Le Corbusier’s architectural principles.

Versluys Sales Office

Did you know that the Versluys Group has a +500m2 sales office and showroom in the iconic apartment building at Baelskaai 12 on Oosteroever? Visit this unique sales office to receive all the information about the "Ensor Tower" and future developments on Oosteroever.


Did you know that they used over 5,100 concrete Haro blocks to reinforce the new breakwaters? If you stack these 5,100 blocks on top of each other, you will end up with a tower that is 26 times higher than the Eiffel Tower. This unique 600-metre long eastern breakwater, which extends into the sea, is very popular with walkers, cyclists and joggers.

Wind farm

Did you know that you can visit the wind farms at sea? A guide will tell you more about life at sea, during a unique trip out to the wind farm on the Thornton Bank, about 30 km off the Belgian coast. A truly unique experience! Embark at: Hendrik Baelskaai 36, Ostend

Ensor Tower

109 spacious living apartments.

LIDL supermarkt

Voorhavenlaan 79
8400 Oostende

maandag 08:30 - 20:00
dinsdag 08:30 - 20:00
woensdag 08:30 - 20:00
donderdag 08:30 - 20:00
vrijdag 08:30 - 20:00
zaterdag 08:30 - 19:00
zondag gesloten

Carrefour market

Stroombanklaan 71
8400 Oostende

maandag 08:30 - 19:00
dinsdag 08:30 - 19:00
woensdag 08:30 - 19:00
donderdag 08:30 - 19:00
vrijdag 08:30 - 19:00
zaterdag 08:30 - 19:00
zondag 08:30 - 12:30

Station Oostende

Wist je dat het iconische stationsgebouw van Oostende op 1 augustus 1913 werd ingehuldigd. De belle-époquestijl was geïnspireerd op het classicisme van de Franse 17de-eeuwse architect François Mansart. Het is het belangrijkste station aan de Belgische kust met in de zomer meer dan 250.000 reizigers per maand.


Oosteroever is naturally surrounded by water and a protected dune area.

The Oosteroever Site is naturally surrounded by water and a protected dune area.

Deze uitgesproken groene omgeving zal naadloos verweven worden met het nieuwe Ensor Park. Dit prachtige binnen gebied met plaats voor sport, cultuur en ontspanning vormt de perfecte symbiose tussen de iconische gebouwen en de omliggende natuur.

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Shopping-Oosteroever - Website - Ensor Tower - 201107 - Small.jpg
Design Oostende - Foto Nick Decombel

Exclusief shoppen

Op de Oosteroever kan u reeds verschillende gerenommeerde design- en interieurzaken terugvinden waaronder DOK, de nieuwe interieurwinkel van het toonaangevende Design Oostende. DOK is elke dag open van 10u tot 12u30 en van 14u tot 18u, behalve op woensdag en zondagvoormiddag.

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Resto Marina
Resto Marina

Ristorante Marina is gelegen op de Hendrik Baelskaai 7a, Oosteroever (Oostende)

Het Italiaanse restaurant Marina opende op 18 maart 2019 de deuren op Oosteroever

De komende tijd zullen heel wat nieuwe kwalitatieve horecazaken zich vestigen op de Oosteroever. De zuidgerichte heraangelegde wandelpromenade op de Hendrik Baelskaai vormt een onklopbare meerwaarde voor deze nieuwe horecazaken.

By choosing to move to Oosteroever we were able to expand our restaurant, and increase the quality of our offering
Vida Acquaro (owner, Ristorante Marina)

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Provisional simulation of the new "Vuurtorendok" marina in Oosteroever, Ostend

Soon the city will start to build a marina in Vuurtorendok.

The works include the redevelopment of Vuurtorendok, with a floating dock and the construction of a distinctive bank on the south-eastern side of the marina. The public area in and around the marina will also undergo a radical transformation.


Oosteroever, an oasis of peace by the sea.

The unique Oosteroever dunes in Ostend

The redevelopment and expansion of the Oosteroever dunes are part of a greater Master Plan for the area. These plans, which are currently being implemented, provide for a protected dune area, which is partly open to the public, with walking trails.


The fishing industry is an asset for Oosteroever.

The fishing industry is an asset for Oosteroever

One of the main assets on Oosteroever is the unique synergy between the fishing industry and the new city neighbourhood. The new popular fish & food market, which sells fresh products in an artisan setting, is a hit with tourists and locals alike.