Versluys Groep
Hendrik Baelskaai 12 A
B - 8400 Oostende, Oosteroever
T +32 (0)59 51 11 15

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday:
09:30 - 12:30
13:30 - 18:00
closed on Sundays and holidays


Versluys Groep, PR & Marketing

Applies to this entire site. All 3D images, the rendering of the building’s location on the site, aerial (drone) images, which are either made available or published on this site are exclusively intended to provide an impression of the building and the surrounding environment. The vistas are an approximation and therefore non-binding. The colours in the artist rendering(s) or 3D images may possibly not be representative of the final colour schemes in the apartment. The public space around the building is developed in close consultation with the city and the region. This implies that changes may be made with respect to the site renderings. The Versluys Group thus has the right to implement changes to these renderings. All the indicated dimensions are provided for information purposes only and are therefore non-binding. The furniture in the renderings is provided for illustration purposes only and is therefore non-binding. The plans and visuals shall at all times remain the property of the Versluys Group and may not be copied and/or reused without the express, prior permission of the Versluys Group.


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